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In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education 668.43 (a) (5) (v) and 668.43 (c) which requires educational institutions provide a list to students of where the education institution has determined that program curriculums meets the curriculum requirements, doesn't not meet curriculum requirements, and where no determination has been made about licensure requirements for each state.

These disclosures are to inform students in programs, regardless of method of delivery, designed to meet education requirements for specific vocation licensure or certification that are required for employment in an occupation or advertising as meeting such requirements.

Each health profession or discipline area that leads to certification or licensure may have specific requirements unique to each state and may be governed by a state regulatory authority.

These designations are typically conveyed to a person by a regulatory body or professional association, and individuals must complete various requirements to become eligible to receive and maintain the designation. Eligibility for professional designations varies by occupation and location, and often involves more than successful degree completion (such as submitting an application, passing an examination, paying an entrance/application fee, or providing evidence of work experience). Some professional designations do not require degree completion to obtain.  The US Department of Eduction maintains a list of several licensed professions by state.

For accreditation information, visit our Institution and program Accreditation Page.

The information required is provided for each of SCC's programs as listed below: