Human Services

HSV-163 - Helping Skills

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

An introduction to skills useful in dealing with people who abuse alcohol and drugs by introducing the student to basic communication and helping skills appropriate to dealing with people suffering from alcohol and other drug abuse; giving the student working knowledge of and practical experience with those skills. Prerequisites: HSV-261, SPC-112, ENG-105.

HSV-220 - Introduction to Counseling Theories

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

A survey of differing philosophies and styles of counseling approaches and their practical application. Including but not limited to: Transactional Analysis, Client-Centered Therapy, Rational Emotive Theory, Reality Therapy, Gestalt, etc. Actual practice in standard means of facilitating the helping process and identification of personal counseling style is included. Prerequisite: HSV-261.

HSV-228 - Group Counseling Techniques

Lecture: 2

Lab: 2

Credit: 3

An overview of group counseling theories, methods and skills. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate counseling groups with chemically dependent clients. Students will practice and demonstrate competency in group facilitation skills. Students will also obtain experience as a group member through participation in a weekend training group lab and ongoing group lab in class. Prerequisites: HSV-261, SPC-112 or SPC-122, ENG-105. Pre or corequisite: HSV-163.

HSV-241 - Special Issues Counseling Adolescents

Lecture: 1

Credit: 1

This course explores selected concerns that adolescents are likely to bring into a counseling situation. Topics include adolescent developmental tasks, causes of adolescent drug use, effects of drug use on adolescent development and treating chemically dependent adolescents.

HSV-261 - Intro to Chemical Dependency Counseling

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

A survey of the use, abuse and addictive nature of ethyl alcohol and other mood altering chemicals, providing the student with a basic knowledge of its nature, scope and complexity and the wide range of current approaches to its treatment and prevention.

HSV-262 - Working with Families of Alcohol and Drug Abuse)

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

A survey of the needs, symptoms, assessment and brief treatment of families of alcohol and drug abuse. Prerequisites: HSV-220, HSV-261.

HSV-285 - Case Management: Intake to Discharge

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course is designed for students preparing to seek employment. Written documents, including letters and resumes, will be discussed and created. Job seeking techniques, including interviewing skills and human relations skills, will also be addressed.

HSV-920 - Counseling Practicum

Lecture: 0

Lab: 40

Credit: 11

Supervised experience in substance abuse counseling which emphasizes practical application of the core functions. Prerequisite: a student must receive a grade of 'C' (2.0) or higher in each of the following courses: HSV-261, HSV-163, HSV-228, HSV-262, HSV-220, and HSV-285. Corequisite: HSV-925.

HSV-925 - Counseling Practicum Seminar

Lecture: 1

Credit: 1

A class discussion and review of HSV-920 experience and the study of current issues in substance abuse. Prerequisites: HSV-261, HSV-163, HSV-228, HSV-262, HSV-220 and HSV-285.


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