Nurse Aide - Certificate

Learn basic patient care and provide physical support to assist patients with daily living activities, and how to assist nurses and other health care professionals in settings including care facilities, nursing homes, private homes, and more.

Other programs in the Nursing pathway are Nursing Aide which is a one-class course offered in afternoons in many locations and in hybrid format to accommodate high school students and working individuals.

Successful completion of the Nursing Diploma program can be completed in Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters (11-months) allows the student to test for the NCLEX-PN for licensure as a licensed practical nurse.

Successful completion of the Nursing AAS program can be completed in two years (starting in Summer) allows the student to test for the NCLEX-RN for licensure as a registered nurse.

This program can be taken for college credit and includes a non-college credit option for certain students. This class is offered regularly throughout the year. View other non-credit health courses.

Tuition assistance may be available. Speak to the program coordinator for details.

Students must pass a background check as well as undergo a TB test before being admitted to the program. Download the application packet in the Program Information section below for complete information and instructions on how to apply.

West Burlington, Keokuk, and Mt. Pleasant campus

*Health professions student outcomes are available on the Consumer Information page.

Curriculum Sequence

Required Course Course Title Credit
HSC-168 Nurse Aide 3.5
Semester Total: 3.5

HSC-168 - Nurse Aide

Lecture: 2.25

Lab: 1.3

Clinical: 2

Credit: 3.5

This course is comprised of the state approved curriculum and laboratory module with the skills component. The class includes 32 hours of clinical training in a long term facility, 20 lab hours and 36 hours lecture. Students must attend a minimum of 30 clinical hours and 15 lab hours in order to pass the class. The course also includes a module on confidentiality, professionalism and communications. Clinical schedule will be arranged by the instructor and dates given the students on the first day of class and may include weekend hours.

Angela Shipley - Nurse Aide and Health Continuing Education Coordinator, (319) 208-5278


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