Course Descriptions

A brief narrative description of each course offered by Southeastern Community College is found in this section. Descriptions also contain the course number, course title, number of lecture and laboratory hours, and the number of semester hours of credit granted upon successful completion of each course.


The Iowa community colleges have developed a systematic numbering system for all the credit courses they offer. The goal of this common course numbering system is to facilitate transfer and articulation processes for community college students in Iowa.


ABC Discipline Prefix of Program or Subject 123


  • 000-099-Developmental courses.
  • 100-899-Courses intended to meet specific requirements for certificates, diplomas, and degrees in career and technical and transfer programs.
  • 900-999-Generic focus courses such as special topics, OJT, internships.

Course Prerequisites


The instructor of any course (other than health careers classes and ENG-105) may waive any stated prerequisite of the course when, in the judgment of the instructor, the student can demonstrate sufficient evidence to justify enrollment.


Course Offerings


If there is sufficient demand, courses may be offered more frequently than announced. Insufficient demand or unforeseen staffing problems may result in the cancellation of announced offerings. Southeastern Community College reserves the right to alter the course offerings and/or course content without further notice. Students are advised to consult the schedule of classes available in Student Services and on the SCC website. Student Success Advocates can answer any further questions.

ACC-102 - Workplace Accounting

ACC-111 - Introduction to Accounting

ACC-131 - Principles of Accounting I

ACC-132 - Principles of Accounting II

ACC-142 - Financial Accounting

ACC-146 - Managerial Accounting

ACC-161 - Payroll Accounting

ACC-231 - Intermediate Accounting I

ACC-232 - Intermediate Accounting II

ACC-261 - Income Tax Accounting

ACC-311 - Computer Accounting

ACC-332 - Computer Accounting - QuickBooks

ADM-103 - Office Technology

ADM-112 - Keyboarding

ADM-117 - Keyboarding and Document Production

ADM-120 - Advanced Document Production

ADM-133 - Business Math and Calculators

ADM-162 - Office Procedures

ADM-172 - Remote Office Management

ADM-180 - Administrative Management

ADM-181 - Records and Database Management

ADM-186 - Legal Documents

ADM-188 - Project and Event Management

ADM-198 - Legal Terminology

ADM-204 - Legal Office Procedures

ADM-230 - Integrated Office Projects

ADM-297 - Certification Preparation

ADN-145 - Role Transition

ADN-221 - Pharmacology II

ADN-311 - RN Issues and Trends

ADN-641 - Nursing III

ADN-642 - Nursing IV

AGA-158 - Soil Fertility

AGA-181 - Introduction to Crop Science

AGA-182 - Introduction to Soil Science

AGA-376 - Integrated Pest Management

AGA-390 - Introduction to Renewable Resources

AGB-235 - Introduction to Agriculture Markets

AGB-330 - Farm Business Management

AGB-331 - Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (online)

AGB-336 - Agricultural Selling

AGB-437 - Commodity Marketing

AGB-451 - Agricultural Law

AGB-466 - Agricultural Finance (online)

AGB-930 - Agriculture Seminar

AGC-216 - Career Seminar

AGC-420 - Issues in Agriculture

AGC-936 - Occupational Experience

AGH-131 - Greenhouse Management (online)

AGH-221 - Principles of Horticulture

AGM-151 - Farm Equipment Adjustment

AGM-155 - Farm Equipment Management

AGM-203 - Agricultural Welding

AGN-130 - Soil and Water Conservation

AGN-244 - Wildlife Management

AGP-333 - Precision Farming Systems

AGP-340 - Foundations of GIS and GPS

AGP-421 - Applications of GIS

AGS-113 - Survey of the Animal Industry

AGS-216 - Equine Science

AGS-225 - Swine Science

AGS-226 - Beef Cattle Science

AGS-242 - Animal Health (online)

AGS-270 - Foods of Animal Origin (online)

AGS-319 - Animal Nutrition (online)

AGS-331 - Animal Reproduction (online)

ANI-100 - Art Foundation for Animation

ANI-104 - Animation Software IV

ANI-110 - Introduction to 3D

ANI-111 - Character Modeling and Sculpting

ANI-118 - Design for Animation

ANI-120 - Introduction to Animation

ANI-121 - Character Animation 1

ANI-125 - Story Development for Animation

ANI-166 - Capstone and Demo Reel for Animation

ANI-212 - Character Rigging

ANI-222 - Character Animation 2

ANI-230 - Animation Pre-production

ANI-231 - Animation Production

ANI-932 - Animation Internship

ANI-941 - Animation Studio Practicum

ARC-113 - Architectural Drafting I

ARC-129 - Residential/Light Commercial Drafting

ART-101 - Art Appreciation

ART-109 - Non-Western Art

ART-120 - 2-D Design

ART-123 - 3-D Design

ART-133 - Drawing

ART-134 - Drawing II

ART-138 - Figure Drawing

ART-143 - Painting

ART-144 - Painting II

ART-154 - Mixed Media

ART-157 - Printmaking

ART-173 - Ceramics

ART-174 - Ceramics II

ART-184 - Photography

ART-186 - Digital Photography

ART-203 - Art History I

ART-204 - Art History II

ART-208 - Introduction to Native American Art History

ART-928 - Independent Study

ATR-118 - Automation Systems

ATR-135 - Advanced Automation and Robotics

AUT-106 - Introduction to Automotive Technology

AUT-126 - Fundamentals of Automotive Servicing

AUT-166 - Automotive Engine Repair

AUT-190 - Hybrid Fundamentals

AUT-207 - Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles

AUT-244 - Manual Drivetrains I

AUT-246 - Manual Drivetrains II

AUT-405 - Automotive Suspension and Steering

AUT-505 - Automotive Brake Systems

AUT-610 - Automotive Electrical I

AUT-625 - Automotive Electrical II

AUT-700 - Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning

AUT-800 - Engine Performance

AUT-911 - Internship

BCA-152 - Comprehensive Spreadsheets

BCA-157 - Intermediate Spreadsheets

BIO-105 - Introductory Biology

BIO-112 - General Biology I

BIO-113 - General Biology II

BIO-138 - Field Ecology

BIO-151 - Nutrition

BIO-157 - Human Biology

BIO-163 - Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

BIO-168 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO-173 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO-186 - Microbiology

BIO-217 - Science of Monsters

BIO-246 - Introduction to Genetics

BIO-248 - Introduction to Bioscience Technology

BIO-277 - Evolution

BIO-912 - Current Topics

BUS-102 - Introduction to Business

BUS-119 - Entrepreneurial Mindset

BUS-121 - Business Communications

BUS-124 - Business Innovation

BUS-130 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS-131 - Small Business Management Strategies

BUS-135 - Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture

BUS-141 - Small Business Start-up

BUS-150 - E-Commerce

BUS-180 - Business Ethics

BUS-184 - Basic Law for Entrepreneurs

BUS-185 - Business Law I

BUS-186 - Business Law II

BUS-203 - Professional Development

BUS-290 - Employment Search/Workplace Success

BUS-932 - Business Internship

BUS-936 - Business Capstone (online)

CAD-101 - Introduction to CAD

CAD-114 - AutoCAD (online)

CAD-140 - Parametric Solid Modeling

CAD-172 - Introduction to CAD - AUTO CAD (ONLINE)

CAD-248 - Parametric CAD II

CAD-277 - 3-D Dimensional (3-D) Modeling I

CAD-932 - Internship

CFR-100 - Introduction to Computer Forensics

CHM-115 - Chemistry in Context

CHM-122 - Introduction to General Chemistry

CHM-165 - General Chemistry I

CHM-175 - General Chemistry II

CHM-263 - Organic Chemistry I

CHM-273 - Organic Chemistry II

CIS-125 - Introduction to Programming Logic with Language

CIS-161 - C++

CIS-332 - Database and SQL

CIS-366 - Game Development I

CIS-367 - Game Development II

CIS-504 - Structured Systems Analysis

CIS-749 - IT Project Management

CIS-802 - Software Development Capstone

CIS-810 - Emerging Technologies Seminar

COM-102 - Communication Skills

COM-140 - Introduction to Mass Media

CON-113 - Construction Printreading

CON-128 - Construction Management Estimating

CON-147 - Carpentry I

CON-148 - Carpentry II

CON-149 - Carpentry III

CON-252 - Construction Electricity

CON-262 - Commercial Carpentry II

CON-270 - Mechanical Systems

CON-332 - Construction Materials and Resources

CON-340 - Construction Surveying

CON-345 - Soils and Concrete

CON-350 - Internship

CPC-110 - Essentials of Medical Coding and Billing

CPC-121 - Introduction to Medical Procedural Coding

CPC-126 - Diagnostic Coding

CPC-128 - Introduction to Medical Insurance and Billing

CPC-131 - Medical Insurance and Billing II

CPC-151 - Medical Procedural Coding

CPC-160 - Applications of Procedural Coding

CPC-170 - Patient Access to Healthcare

CPC-810 - Medical Coding and Billing Externship

CPC-945 - Medical Coding and Billing Seminar

CRJ-100 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ-111 - Police and Society

CRJ-120 - Introduction to Corrections

CRJ-128 - Victimology

CRJ-130 - Criminal Law

CRJ-132 - Constitutional Law

CRJ-141 - Criminal Investigation

CRJ-932 - Internship

CRR-100 - Introduction to Collision Repair and Refinishing Industry

CRR-106 - Fundamentals of Collision Repair and Refinishing

CRR-112 - Disassembly and Reassembly

CRR-117 - Small Dent Repair

CRR-123 - Introduction to Automotive Refinish Operations

CRR-124 - Automotive Refinish Operations II

CRR-205 - Welding in Collision Repair

CRR-220 - Plastic Repair

CRR-455 - Automotive Glass Removal and Replacement

CRR-505 - Structural Repair Operations

CRR-615 - Collision Repair of Mechanical Systems

CRR-755 - Damage Analysis and Estimating

CRR-775 - Collision Repair Diagnostics and Recalibration

CRR-855 - Automotive Refinish Operations III

CRR-865 - Advanced Automotive Refinish Operations

CRR-932 - Internship

CSC-110 - Introduction to Computers

CSC-116 - Information Computing

CSC-140 - Computer Fundamentals

CSC-142 - Computer Science

CSC-153 - Data Structures

CSC-160 - Software Design

DRA-101 - Introduction to Theatre

DRA-110 - Introduction to Film

DRA-141 - Theatre and Speech Participation I

DRA-142 - Theatre and Speech Participation II

DRA-165 - Stagecraft

DRF-113 - Fundamentals of Technical Drafting

ECE-103 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education

ECE-123 - Family, Teacher and Community Interaction

ECE-133 - Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

ECE-140 - Early Childhood Curriculum Planning

ECE-158 - Early Childhood Curriculum I

ECE-159 - Early Childhood Curriculum II

ECE-170 - Child Growth and Development

ECE-221 - Infant/Toddler Care and Education

ECE-243 - Early Childhood Guidance

ECE-284 - Field Experience II

ECE-290 - Early Childhood Program Administration

ECN-110 - Introduction to Economics

ECN-120 - Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN-130 - Principles of Microeconomics

EDU-120 - Communication, Ethics and Confidentiality

EDU-121 - Behavior Management

EDU-122 - Roles and Responsibilities

EDU-212 - Educational Foundations

EDU-220 - Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher

EDU-235 - Children's Literature

EDU-240 - Educational Psychology

EDU-245 - Exceptional Learner

EDU-255 - Technology in the Classroom

EDU-920 - Field Experience

EGR-420 - Digital Electronics

EGT-108 - Principles of Engineering

EGT-116 - Continuous Quality Management

EGT-142 - Fluid Power 1

EGT-143 - Fluid Power 2

EGT-147 - Hydraulic Power Systems and Troubleshooting

EGT-174 - Fluid Power

EGT-175 - Fluid Power Control

EGT-400 - PLTW - Introduction to Engineering Design

EGT-420 - PLTW - Digital Electronics

ELE-116 - Blueprint Reading

ELE-127 - Troubleshooting

ELE-195 - Motor Controls

ELE-218 - Motion Control

ELE-219 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

ELE-310 - Industrial Electricity

ELT-132 - Motor Drives

ELT-176 - Instrumentation

ELT-232 - PLC Applications

ELT-250 - Programmable Logic Controllers

ELT-262 - Advanced PLC and System Integration (Mechatronics)

ELT-263 - Programmable Logic Controllers I

ELT-264 - Programmable Logic Controllers II

ELT-265 - PLC and System Integration

ELT-266 - Safety Circuits and Devices

ELT-295 - AC/DC Fundamentals

ELT-351 - Electronics I

ELT-354 - Electronics II

ELT-486 - Electromechanical Technology

EMS-201 - Emergency Medical Technician

EMS-663 - Paramedic I

EMS-665 - Paramedic III

EMS-667 - Paramedic II

ENG-013 - Basic Writing in English

ENG-067 - Composition I Lab

ENG-105 - Composition I

ENG-106 - Composition II

ENG-110 - Writing for the Workplace

ENG-111 - Technical Writing (online)

ENG-131 - Business English

ENG-221 - Creative Writing

ENG-929 - Individualized Projects

ENV-111 - Environmental Science

ENV-145 - Conservation Biology

ESI-010 - Phonetics and Pronunciation

ESL-002 - Cultural Orientation

ESL-006 - Grammar in Cultural Context

ESL-008 - Communication in Cultural Context

ESL-013 - Listening/Speaking I

ESL-015 - Reading/Writing I

ESL-019 - Grammar I

ESL-033 - Listening/Speaking II

ESL-035 - Reading/Writing II

ESL-038 - Grammar II

ESL-052 - Reading/Writing III

ESL-056 - Listening/Speaking III

ESL-059 - Grammar III

ESL-102 - Reading/Writing IV

ESL-105 - Listening/Speaking IV

ESL-108 - Grammar IV

FIN-121 - Personal Finance (online)

FIN-130 - Principles of Finance (online)

FLS-141 - Elementary Spanish I (online)

FLS-142 - Elementary Spanish II (online)

FLS-231 - Intermediate Spanish I (online)

FLS-232 - Intermediate Spanish II (online)

GEO-121 - World Regional Geography

GEO-126 - Cultural Geography

GRA-116 - Digital Preflight Production

GRA-127 - Illustrator I

GRA-137 - Digital Design

GRA-140 - Digital Imaging

GRA-158 - Web Multimedia

GRA-166 - Web Animations

GRA-173 - Typography

GRA-175 - Graphic Design Principles

GRA-190 - Electronic Media Projects

GRA-275 - Advanced Graphic Design

GRA-299 - Electronic Portfolio

GRA-933 - Internship

HEQ-131 - Safety and Introduction to Heavy Equipment

HIS-110 - Western Civilization: Ancient to Early Modern

HIS-111 - Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present

HIS-131 - World Civilization I

HIS-132 - World Civilization II

HIS-151 - US History to 1877

HIS-152 - US History Since 1877

HIS-211 - Modern Asian History

HIS-231 - Contemporary World Affairs

HIS-251 - US History: 1945 to Present

HIS-257 - African American History

HIS-266 - The Civil War

HIS-271 - American Frontier History

HIT-211 - Basic Medical Insurance and Coding

HSC-114 - Medical Terminology

HSC-168 - Nurse Aide

HSC-181 - First Aid/CPR for Non-Health Care Workers

HSC-212 - Pathophysiology (Indian Hills CC Course)

HSC-230 - Employment Preparation (Indian Hills CC Course)

HTM-100 - Applied Human Biology for Biomedical Technicians

HTM-101 - Biomedical Equipment I

HTM-102 - Healthcare Technology Management I

HTM-103 - Introduction to Digital and Mechanical Control Systems

HTM-104 - Basic X-Ray

HTM-105 - Biomedical Information Systems

HTM-106 - Troubleshooting Theory and Methodology

HTM-107 - Healthcare Database Fundamentals

HTM-108 - Safety and Compliance in Healthcare

HTM-109 - Biomedical Technician Certification Preparation

HTM-932 - Biomedical Technician Internship

HUM-101 - Introduction to Humanities

HUM-114 - Multicultural Perspectives

HUM-145 - Language and Society

HUM-287 - Leadership Development Studies

HUM-290 - A Call to Lead

IND-104 - Industrial Pumps

IND-106 - Machine Shop II

IND-107 - Valves

IND-141 - Power Transmission

IND-179 - Boiler Operation and Control

IND-180 - Industrial Heating and Cooling

IND-212 - Safety Practices

IND-252 - Powertrain and Pump Operation

LGL-173 - Legal Assistant Litigation

LGL-280 - Legal Case Studies

LIT-101 - Introduction to Literature

LIT-120 - American Novel

LIT-121 - American Short Story

LIT-131 - Native American Literature

LIT-150 - World Literature I

LIT-151 - World Literature II

LIT-184 - Young Adult Literature

LIT-209 - Forms of Literature: Film Adaptation

MAP-121 - Administrative Procedures I: Medical Office

MAP-122 - Administrative Procedures II: Medical Office

MAP-139 - Introduction to Electronic Health Records

MAP-364 - Clinical Procedures for Medical Office I

MAP-369 - Clinical Procedures for Medical Office II

MAP-370 - Specialty Procedures

MAP-401 - Medical Law and Ethics

MAP-431 - Human Relations

MAP-532 - Human Body: Health and Disease

MAP-602 - Clinical Externship Seminar

MAP-615 - Clinical Externship

MAT-016 - Algebra Lab

MAT-052 - Pre-Algebra

MAT-062 - Elementary Algebra

MAT-079 - Elementary Geometry

MAT-092 - Intermediate Algebra

MAT-094 - Independent Study - Math

MAT-099 - Combined Algebra

MAT-110 - Math for Liberal Arts

MAT-117 - Math for Elementary Teachers

MAT-120 - College Algebra

MAT-128 - Precalculus

MAT-134 - Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry

MAT-140 - Finite Math

MAT-149 - Linear Algebra

MAT-150 - Discrete Math

MAT-156 - Statistics

MAT-165 - Business Calculus

MAT-210 - Calculus I

MAT-216 - Calculus II

MAT-219 - Calculus III

MAT-227 - Differential Equations with Laplace

MAT-702 - Introduction to Math Applications

MAT-704 - Math Applications

MAT-712 - Business Math

MAT-772 - Applied Math (online)

MFG-142 - Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing

MFG-155 - Industrial Machine Programming

MFG-156 - Introduction to CNC Machining

MFG-165 - Engineering Materials

MFG-206 - Manufacturing Processes I

MFG-209 - Machine Shop Practices

MFG-212 - Basic Machine Theory

MFG-228 - Machine Operations II

MFG-237 - Introduction to Machine Trades

MFG-303 - Advanced CNC Programming

MFG-323 - Mastercam Design

MFG-398 - Introduction to Machine Shop

MFG-520 - Predictive Maintenance

MGT-101 - Principles of Management

MGT-110 - Small Business Management

MGT-130 - Principles of Supervision

MGT-165 - Principles of Quality

MGT-170 - Human Resource Management

MKT-110 - Principles of Marketing

MKT-121 - Digital Marketing

MKT-140 - Principles of Selling

MKT-150 - Principles of Advertising

MKT-160 - Principles of Retailing

MMS-111 - Video Production I

MTR-158 - Introduction to Medical Scribe

MUA-101 - Applied Voice

MUA-104 - Applied Voice

MUA-108 - Italian/Latin/English Diction for Singers

MUA-120 - Applied Piano

MUA-121 - Applied Piano II

MUA-124 - Applied Guitar

MUA-125 - Applied Guitar II

MUA-126 - Applied Strings

MUA-127 - Applied Strings II

MUA-170 - Applied Woodwinds

MUS-100 - Music Appreciation

MUS-102 - Music Fundamentals

MUS-120 - Music Theory I

MUS-121 - Music Theory II

MUS-135 - Music Theory Lab I

MUS-136 - Music Theory Lab II

MUS-140 - Concert Choir

MUS-161 - Class Voice

MUS-162 - Instrumental Ensembles

MUS-185 - Class Piano I

MUS-204 - History of Rock and Roll

MUS-205 - Jazz History and Appreciation

MUS-250 - Musical Play Production

MUS-306 - Digital Music Production I

MUS-307 - Digital Music Production II

NET-101 - IT Fundamentals

NET-118 - Basic Computer Networking/Hardware

NET-122 - Computer Hardware Basics

NET-142 - Network Essentials

NET-153 - Advanced Networking

NET-261 - Virtualization/Cloud Operations

NET-314 - Windows Server

NET-442 - Linux Operating System

NET-627 - System Security

NET-637 - Network Intrusion Investigation

NET-716 - Database Administration/Service Application

NET-717 - Email Applications

NET-820 - Network Internship

NET-825 - Internet/Web Internship

PEA-187 - PE Activity - Weight Training I

PEC-101 - Introduction to Coaching

PEC-116 - Athletic Development and Human Growth

PEC-120 - Body Structure and Function

PEH-102 - Health

PEH-142 - First Aid

PEH-161 - Introduction to Physical Education

PET-105 - Basic Athletic Training

PET-140 - Athletic Training Practicum I

PET-230 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

PEV-115 - Varsity Baseball

PEV-121 - Varsity Basketball, Men

PEV-122 - Varsity Basketball, Women

PEV-125 - Bowling

PEV-130 - Varsity Cross Country

PEV-133 - Varsity Track and Field

PEV-140 - Varsity Golf

PEV-145 - Sports Shooting

PEV-150 - Varsity Soccer

PEV-160 - Varsity Softball

PEV-170 - Varsity Volleyball

PEV-180 - Wrestling

PEV-190 - Varsity Cheer/Dance

PHI-101 - Introduction to Philosophy

PHI-105 - Introduction to Ethics

PHR-100 - Intro to Pharmacy Technician (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-110 - Pharmacy Technician I (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-115 - Pharmacy Technician II (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-130 - Pharmaceutical Calculations (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-141 - Pharmacy Operations (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-145 - Pharmacy Simulation I (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-148 - Pharmacy Simulation II (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHR-150 - Pharmacy Technician Practicum (Indian Hills CC Course)

PHS-120 - Exploring Physical Science

PHS-151 - Introduction to Astronomy

PHS-165 - Introduction to Meteorology

PHS-185 - Introduction to Earth Science

PHY-106 - Survey of Physics

PHY-162 - College Physics I

PHY-172 - College Physics II

PHY-212 - Classical Physics I

PHY-222 - Classical Physics II

PNN-160 - Introduction to Nursing Practice

PNN-222 - Pharmacology I

PNN-311 - PN Issues and Trends

PNN-534 - Nursing I

PNN-535 - Nursing II

POL-110 - Introduction to Political Science

POL-111 - American National Government

PRL-284 - Legal Ethics

PSY-102 - Human and Work Relations

PSY-111 - Introduction to Psychology

PSY-121 - Developmental Psychology

PSY-211 - Psychology of Adjustment

PSY-226 - Psychology of Aging

PSY-228 - Death and Dying

PSY-241 - Abnormal Psychology

PSY-251 - Social Psychology

RCP-231 - Introduction to Respiratory Care

RCP-232 - Respiratory Care Modalities

RCP-233 - Introduction to Clinical Practice

RCP-331 - Respiratory Care II

RCP-332 - Respiratory Care Modalities II

RCP-333 - Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology

RCP-350 - Pulmonary Pathology

RCP-440 - Cardio/Pulmonary Diagnostics

RCP-450 - Respiratory Care IV

RCP-480 - Advanced Cardiac Care

RCP-524 - Respiratory Care III

RCP-620 - Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care

RCP-751 - Respiratory Care Clinic I

RCP-755 - Respiratory Care Clinic II

RCP-761 - Respiratory Care Clinic III

RCP-767 - Respiratory Care Clinic IV

RCP-810 - Respiratory Care Professional

RCP-910 - Respiratory Care RRT Review

RDG-045 - Keys to Reading

REL-101 - Survey of World Religions

SCI-115 - Basic Electricity

SCI-123 - Forensic Science

SCI-928 - Independent Study

SDV-108 - The College Experience

SDV-125 - Workplace Readiness

SDV-130 - Career Exploration

SDV-148 - Educational Program Exploration

SDV-153 - Pre-employment Strategies

SDV-812 - Experiential Credits

SMM-108 - Social Media Engagement

SMM-220 - Navigating the Media Minefield

SOC-110 - Introduction to Sociology

SOC-114 - Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

SOC-115 - Social Problems

SOC-120 - Marriage and Family

SOC-160 - Introduction to Social Work

SOC-161 - Introduction to Social Work Lab

SOC-212 - Diversity

SOC-230 - Juvenile Delinquency

SOC-240 - Criminology

SPC-101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication

SPC-112 - Public Speaking

SPC-120 - Intercultural Communication

SPC-122 - Interpersonal Communication

SPC-132 - Group Communication

SPT-101 - Introduction to Sport Management

SPT-102 - Contemporary Issues in Sport

SPT-107 - Sport Promotion and Marketing

SPT-108 - Sport Program Administration

SPT-109 - Safety and Risk Management

WBL-100 - Exploring Careers

WBL-102 - Exploring Careers: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

WBL-103 - Exploring Careers: Human Services

WBL-104 - Exploring Careers: Health Sciences

WBL-105 - Exploring Careers: Business, Finance, Marketing, and Management

WBL-106 - Exploring Careers: Information Solutions

WBL-107 - Exploring Careers: Applied Digital, Visual, and Communication Arts

WBL-108 - Exploring Careers: Industrial Technology

WBL-110 - Employability Skills

WBL-140 - Workplace Project Based Learning

WBL-142 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

WBL-143 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Human Services

WBL-144 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Health Sciences

WBL-145 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Business Finance, Marketing, and Management

WBL-146 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Information Solutions

WBL-147 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Applied Digital, Visual, and Communication Arts

WBL-148 - Workplace Project Based Learning: Industrial Technology

WBL-150 - Job Shadowing

WBL-152 - Job Shadowing: Job Shadowing: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

WBL-153 - Job Shadowing: Human Services

WBL-154 - Job Shadowing: Health Sciences

WBL-155 - Job Shadowing: Job Shadowing: Business, Finance, Marketing, and Management

WBL-156 - Job Shadowing: Job Shadowing: Information Solutions

WBL-157 - Job Shadowing: Applied Digital, Visual, and Communication Arts

WBL-158 - Job Shadowing: Industrial Technology

WBL-200 - Practicum/Field Experience

WBL-201 - Practicum/Field Experience Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

WBL-202 - Practicum/Field Experience: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

WBL-203 - Practicum/Field Experience: Human Services

WBL-204 - Practicum/Field Experience: Health Sciences

WBL-205 - Practicum/Field Experience: Business, Finance, Marketing, and Management

WBL-206 - Practicum/Field Experience: Information Solutions

WBL-207 - Practicum Field/Experience: Applied Digital, Visual, and Communication Arts

WBL-208 - Practicum/Field Experience: Industrial Technology

WDV-101 - Introduction to HTML and CSS

WDV-110 - Internet Fundamentals

WDV-120 - Interface Design

WDV-132 - Mobile Application Development

WDV-341 - Introduction to PHP

WEL-111 - Welding Blueprint Reading

WEL-130 - Oxyacetylene Welding

WEL-160 - Arc Welding I (SMAW)

WEL-164 - Arc Welding II (SMAW)

WEL-172 - Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding II

WEL-182 - Flux Cored Arc Welding

WEL-186 - Gas Metal Arc Welding

WEL-192 - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

WEL-197 - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Tube

WEL-198 - Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding - Aluminum

WEL-235 - Layout and Fabrication

WEL-292 - Pipe Welding/SMAW - Uphill

WEL-720 - Introduction to Robotic Arc Welding

ZZZ-ALS - Advanced Lab Science Course

ZZZ-CUL - Cultural Awareness Course

ZZZ-ELE - Elective Course

ZZZ-ENL - English or Literature Course

ZZZ-HUM - Humanities Course

ZZZ-LAB - Lab Science Course

ZZZ-MAT - Mathematics Course

ZZZ-MSC - Math or Science Course

ZZZ-PSY - Psychology Course

ZZZ-SCI - Science Course

ZZZ-SOC - Social Science Course


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