Advanced Technology, Construction and Welding

Construction and manufacturing programs - students and instructor with robotic arm

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Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology - Certificate, Diploma & AAS

The Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology program is designed to prepare technicians to troubleshoot, service and fix the computerized control systems and robotic devices that are designed to reduce human interaction in manufacturing environments. Students will gain knowledge and apply skills in advanced electrical, electronic and robotics systems. Students will apply networking skills integrating to automated equipment encompassing robotic components, sensors, controllers, and computers to support autonomous work.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology - AAS

Thinking about a career in manufacturing or industrial technology?
Then SCC is the place for you. As long as there are companies that make stuff, there will be a need for people to keep them up and running. We'll teach you what you need to know to do just that. Learn how to build things from concept to completion or study the operations side and learn what it takes to keep entire assembly lines up and running at peak efficiency.

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Computer Aided Design Technology - AAS

 You can't make anything until you design it. Learn the skills to master computer-aided design (CAD) and understand how design is a process involving a number of players.

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Construction Technology- Carpentry Emphasis - Certificate, Diploma & AAS

Learn it. Build it. Do it.
As businesses, families, and communities grow, quality construction and carpentry will always be a necessity. Build upon your blueprint to a stable and successful career with hands-on training in SCC's Construction Technology- Carpentry Emphasis program.

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Construction Technology - Management Emphasis - AAS

Climb the ladder to success in construction technology management at SCC. Gain hands-on experience with our high-tech tools and equipment while you learn the skills to master a career in building things better. Check out our transfer option with Western Illinois University to take your career even further.

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Industrial Maintenance Technology - Certificate, Diploma & AAS

It takes expensive machines to make stuff in today's world and companies pay big bucks to people who can keep them running. Develop strong mechanical and electrical skills so you can troubleshoot and maintain practically any machine in today's modern production facilities.

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Welding Technology - Certificate, Diploma & AAS

Join a dynamic industry with a big future. Get hands-on training with the latest types of equipment including oxyacetylene, shielded metal arc, gas metal arc and thermoplastic welding in SCC's Welding program. Start here and enjoy a career in a variety of businesses with exciting opportunities from operating high-tech robots to running powerful lasers.

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