The Accounting program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for entry-level accounting positions. The program will also take the student through balance sheets, financial statements, income tax analysis, and cost accounting.

The second year of the Accounting program is comprised of advanced level courses to increase the skill level of the student and thus contribute to potentially more rapid advancement upon employment.

This program is offered in West Burlington, Keokuk, and online. Keokuk students will be required to enroll in courses at either the West Burlington campus, online, or both to complete this program.

Of the 15 total credits required for Fall Semester I, you are required to take ACC-161, ACC-311, and CSC-110 (9 credits). You must also select two additional courses from those listed for Fall Semester I (6 credits). If you have no accounting experience, one of those two courses should be ACC-111 along with one other course from the list.

The Accounting certificate is awarded after successful completion of first semester courses.
The Accounting Assistant diploma is awarded after successful completion of the first and second semesters courses.
The Accounting AAS degree is awarded after successful completion of the complete two-year program.

information about the online version of the programs can be found at the links below:
The Accounting online certificate
The Accounting Assistant online diploma
The Accounting online AAS degree