SPC-101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

Explores communication in a variety of contexts including interpersonal relationships, the workplace, small groups and public speaking. Emphasis on the application and practice of communication theories and skills, particularly public speaking.

SPC-112 - Public Speaking

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course examines both the theoretical and practical basis of speech communication, particularly public speaking. Emphasis is on speech preparation, organization, support, delivery and audience analysis.

SPC-120 - Intercultural Communication

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course emphasizes communication theory across cultures, including identifying the cultural foundations of beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors. Interactive assignments are used for the purpose of recognizing commonalities across cultures, developing a multicultural perspective, identifying and appreciating other cultural orientations and recognizing and assigning cultural explanations of specific behaviors.

SPC-122 - Interpersonal Communication

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

Emphasizes group problem-solving, semantics and communication exercises leading toward better working relationships between individuals. Areas covered for this course would be language theory, nonverbal communication, perception theory, listening, group process and influences.

SPC-132 - Group Communication

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

Group Communication will examine how people effectively and ineffectively use communication in a variety of small groups including work teams, discussion groups and decision-making bodies. Topics of concentration include the principles and processes of small group communication, individual roles in groups, leadership, group climate, decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution. Prerequisite: SPC-101 or SPC-112.


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